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Caracas, Venezuela.  Latitude 10° 30' N, Longitude 66° 50' W (UT - 4:30 hrs.)

Total or Annular Sun Eclipses in South America

2017, February 26 (Annular):

In blue is the path of the Umbra on the surface of the Earth (from W to E).
In Red the zone where we would observe a Partial Eclipse.
An Annular Eclipse is like a Total one, but in its lapse the Moon is somewhat farther from the Earth's orbit, and the cone of its shadow does not reach our planet's surface. The Sun's Corona is not visible due to the ring of unocculted Sun.

Original information from:

Solar Eclipses, 2010 - 2020, Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC

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