Artemi García: Comet 1996/B2 Hyakutake - March 22 '96

Observer: Artemi García
Location: San Pedro de Los Altos, Venezuela (N 10° 21,4', W 67° 4,5')
Date: 08:40 UTC, March 22, 1996
Photo by Artemi García
Camera: Nikon FM
Lens: Catadioptric Telephoto 500mm f/8
Film: Fuji Super HG 400, 30 min. exposure
Digitizing by Mauricio Ruiz
Post-proccesing by Andrés Valencia.

This image of Comet Hyakutake, was taken from San Pedro de Los Altos, near Los Teques, on March 22, 1996, starting at 04:40 Venezuela local time, with a Catadioptric Telephoto 500mm f/8 on a Nikon FM camera mounted on an telescope tracking on the comet, for a 30 min. manual exposure.

Updated: May 2 '98

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