Jesús Piñeiro: Total Lunar Eclipse - Sept. 26 '96

Observer: Jesús Piñeiro
Location: Club de Campo, near Los Teques, Venezuela (N 10° 23', W 66° 59')
Date: 03:19 UT, September 27, 1996
Photo by Jesús Piñeiro
Camera: Nikon FM
Lens: Meade Starfinder reflecting telescope 1,140mm 10" f4.5, with Barllow 2X
Film: Fuji Super HG 400, 6 sec. exposure
Digitizing by Mauricio Ruiz
Post-proccesing by Andrés Valencia.
Remarks: North is to the right, East towards the bottom.

This image of the fully eclipsed Moon, was taken from Club de Campo, near Los Teques, Thursday night, September 26, 23:19 Venezuela local time, with a Nikon FM camera mounted on the focus of a 1,140mm 10" f4.5 Meade Starfinder telescope tracking on the Moon, for a 6 sec. manual exposure of the image projected by a 2X Barllow lens.

The bright object South of the Moon, some 3' from its limb, is the star SAO 109119, Mag. 6.4.
This star was occulted by the Moon on that same night as seen from a position some Kilometers to the North.

Total Lunar Eclipse on September 26 '96 (local times): [Eclipse Diagram]

Full Moon, rose at 18:07, set at 05:39

Start of Penumbra: 20:13
Entry into Umbra: 21:13
Start of Totality: 22:20
Maximum of Totality: 22:55
End of Totality: 23:30
Exit from Umbra: 00:37
Exit from Penumbra: 01:37

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