Andrés Valencia: Total Lunar Eclipse - April 3 '96

Observer: Andrés Valencia
Location: Los Caracas, Venezuela
Date: 00:10 UT, April 4, 1996
Photo by Andrés Valencia
Camera: Olympus OM-2, Celestron C5+ 1250mm/f10 lens
Film: Kodak Ektapress 1600
Process by Laboratorio Fotográfico Campos Color
Digitizing by Jorge Romero, Servicios Justo a Tiempo
Remarks: North is about diagonal between left and down.

This image of the fully eclipsed Moon, was taken from the coastal road East of Los Caracas, Wednesday night, April 3, with a 1250mm f10 Celestron C5+ telescope tracking on the Moon, mounted to an Olympus OM-2 camera, for a 1/500 sec. (aprox.) automatic exposure.

Total Lunar Eclipse on Abril 3 '96:  [Diagrama del Eclipse]

Full Moon (Total Eclipse), rose at 18:31 (umbral fase already started), set at 06:00

Start of Penumbra: 17:16
Entry into Umbra: 18:21
Start of Totality: 19:27
Máximum of Totality: 20:10
End of Totality: 20:53
Exit from Umbra: 21:59
Exit from Penumbra: 23:04

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Updated: June 14 '96

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