Ikufumi Makino: Comet 1996/B2 Hyakutake

Observer: Ikufumi Makino
Location: Yatsugatake Nagano, Japan
Date: 13:57-14:07 UT, March 26, 1996
Photo by Ikufumi Makino
Camera: Nikon F2, Tamron 300mm/f2.8 (2.8) lens
Equatorial Mount: GOTO Mark-X with Comet Tracker
Film: Fuji SuperG ACE 800, HAC3200 developer
Process by Ikufumi Makino (8-bit GIF 256 colors)
Remarks: North is about diagonal between left and down.

This image of Hyakutake was taken from the skirts of Fujiyama, Tuesday night, March 26, with a 300mm f2.8 Tamron telephoto lens mounted on a Nikon F2 atop a telescope and guided on the comet for a 10 minutes exposure.

In this image, background stars are shown as tracks of light, because the photograph was guided on the comet, which was moving with respect to the sky.

For other fantastic Hyakutake photographs (and other information) by Ikufumi Makino (and other superb astro-photogaphers), please link to:

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Updated: May 8 '96

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