Our Sun

Full Disk H-alpha image, and Large Scale images in White Light and in H-alpha of Space Environment Center Region 8027.

Holloman AFB, New Mexico.

In this images, you can see how the features of the Sun are much more visible in the H-alpha* wave lengths that in visible light.
You can also observe how the Sunspots evolve in a short period of time, by comparing the images in the lower row.
Also, notice the limb darkening, and the granularity of the Photosphere.

* H-alpha is a narrow band of red light (between some 0.5 to 0.8 Ĺngstrom) which is emitted and absorbed by the element hydrogen; these wavelengths are often used to study the Sun.

The originals, and larger versions of this and many other photographs of our Sun are available at the NOAA Space Environment Laboratory WWW server.

Observe the Sun's Corona (48KB GIF Animation, 256 colors)

Experience the Annular Solar Eclipse of May 10 '94 (128KB GIF Animation, 256 colors)

Updated: April 13 '97

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