ARVAL Catalog of Very Bright Guide Stars (Estrellas Guía Muy Brillantes)

Common Name, SAO Num.Mag.ClassConst.Dist. (ly)R.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
Alpheratz in Andromeda (Alpha), 737652.06B9And97.100h 08m 23s29° 05' N
Diphda in Cetus (Beta), 1474202.04K0Cet95.800h 43m 35s17° 59' S
Mirach in Andromeda (Beta), 544712.06M0And199.401h 09m 44s35° 37' N
Achernar in Eridanus (Alpha), 2324810.45vB3Eri143.801h 37m 43s57° 14' S
Hamal in Aries (Alpha), 751512.00K2Ari65.902h 07m 10s23° 28' N
Polaris in Ursa Minor (Alpha), 3081.97vF7UMi431.402h 31m 51s89° 16' N
Algol in Perseus (Beta), 385922.09B8Per92.803h 08m 10s40° 57' N
Mirfak in Perseus (Alpha), 387871.79F5Per591.903h 24m 19s49° 52' N
Aldebaran in Taurus (Alpha), 940270.87K5Tau65.104h 35m 55s16° 31' N
Rigel in Orion (Beta), 1319070.18vB8Ori772.805h 14m 32s08° 12' S
Capella in Auriga (Alpha), 401860.08G5Aur42.205h 16m 41s46° 00' N
Bellatrix in Orion (Gamma), 1127401.64B2Ori243.005h 25m 08s06° 21' N
Elnath in Taurus (Beta), 771681.65B7Tau131.005h 26m 17s28° 36' N
Alnilam in Orion (Epsilon), 1323461.69vB0Ori1,342.205h 36m 13s01° 12' S
Alnitak in Orion (Zeta), 1324441.74dO9, B9Ori817.405h 40m 46s01° 57' S
Saiph in Orion (Kappa), 1325422.06B0Ori721.605h 47m 45s09° 40' S
Betelgeuse in Orion (Alpha), 1132710.45vM2Ori427.505h 55m 10s07° 24' N
Menkalinan in Auriga (Beta), 407501.90vA2Aur82.105h 59m 32s44° 57' N
Mirzam in Canis Major (Beta), 1514281.98vB1CMa499.506h 22m 42s17° 57' S
Canopus in Carina (Alpha), 234480-0.62F0Car312.706h 23m 57s52° 42' S
Common Name, SAO Num.Mag.ClassConst.Dist. (ly)R.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
Alhena in Gemini (Gamma), 959121.93A0Gem104.806h 37m 43s16° 24' N
Sirius in Canis Major (Alpha), 151881-1.44A0CMa8.606h 45m 09s16° 43' S
Adhara in Canis Major (Epsilon), 1726761.50B2CMa430.906h 58m 38s28° 58' S
Wezen in Canis Major (Delta), 1730471.83F8CMa1,792.107h 08m 24s26° 24' S
Castor in Gemini (Alpha), 601981.58dA2, B9Gem51.607h 34m 36s31° 53' N
Procyon in Canis Minor (Alpha), 1157560.40F5CMi11.407h 39m 18s05° 13' N
Pollux in Gemini (Beta), 796661.15K0Gem33.707h 45m 19s28° 02' N
Regor in Vela (Gamma), 2195041.75dWC8, O9Vel840.608h 09m 32s47° 20' S
Avior in Carina (Epsilon), 2359321.86dvK3, B2Car632.108h 22m 31s59° 31' S
Delta Velorum, 2362321.93A1Vel79.708h 44m 42s54° 43' S
Miaplacidus in Carina (Beta), 2504951.67A2Car111.209h 13m 12s69° 43' S
Alphard in Hydra (Alpha), 1368711.99K3Hyd177.309h 27m 35s08° 40' S
Regulus in Leo (Alpha), 989671.36B7Leo77.510h 08m 22s11° 58' N
Algieba in Leo (Gamma), 812982.00dK0, K0Leo125.610h 19m 58s19° 50' N
Dubhe in Ursa Major (Alpha), 153841.81dK0, F8UMa123.611h 03m 44s61° 45' N
Acrux (Alpha 1 Crucis), 2519040.77dB0.5, B9Cru320.712h 26m 36s63° 06' S
Gacrux (Gamma Crucis), 2400191.60vM4Cru87.912h 31m 10s57° 07' S
Mimosa in Crux (Beta), 2402591.25B0Cru352.612h 47m 43s59° 41' S
Alioth in Ursa Major (Epsilon), 285531.76vA0UMa80.912h 54m 02s55° 58' N
Spica in Virgo (Alpha), 1579230.98vB1Vir262.213h 25m 11s11° 10' S
Common Name, SAO Num.Mag.ClassConst.Dist. (ly)R.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
Alkaid in Ursa Major (Eta), 447521.85B3UMa100.713h 47m 32s49° 19' N
Hadar in Centaurus (Beta), 2525820.61B1Cen525.214h 03m 49s60° 22' S
Menkent in Centaurus (Theta), 2051882.06K0Cen60.914h 06m 41s36° 22' S
Arcturus in Bootes (Alpha), 100944-0.05vK2Boo36.714h 15m 40s19° 11' N
Alpha Centauri, 252838-0.01dG2, K4Cen4.414h 39m 37s60° 50' S
Kochab in Ursa Minor (Beta), 81022.06K4UMi126.514h 50m 42s74° 09' N
Antares in Scorpius (Alpha), 1844151.06dM1, B2Sco604.016h 29m 24s26° 26' S
Atria (Alpha Triangulum Australis), 2537001.91K2TrA415.516h 48m 40s69° 02' S
Shaula in Scorpius (Lambda), 2089541.62vB1.5Sco702.917h 33m 37s37° 06' S
Rasalhague in Ophiuchus (Alpha), 1029322.08A5Oph46.717h 34m 56s12° 34' N
Sargas in Scorpius (Theta), 2282011.86F1Sco272.017h 37m 19s43° 00' S
Kaus Austr. in Sgr. (Epsilon), 2100911.79B9.5Sgr144.618h 24m 10s34° 23' S
Vega in Lyra (Alpha), 671740.03vA0Lyr25.318h 36m 56s38° 47' N
Nunki in Sagittarius (Sigma), 1874482.04B2Sgr224.318h 55m 16s26° 18' S
Altair in Aquila (Alpha), 1251220.76vA7Aql16.819h 50m 47s08° 52' N
Peacock in Pavo (Alpha), 2465741.94B2Pav183.220h 25m 39s56° 44' S
Deneb in Cygnus (Alpha), 499411.25vA2Cyg3,229.320h 41m 26s45° 17' N
Al Nair in Grus (Alpha), 2309921.73B7Gru101.422h 08m 14s46° 58' S
Beta Grus, 2312582.06M5Gru170.122h 42m 40s46° 53' S
Fomalhaut in Piscis Austrinus (Alpha), 1915241.17A3PsA25.122h 57m 39s29° 37' S
Common Name, SAO Num.Mag.ClassConst.Dist. (ly)R.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)

Star ColorSpectral ClassTemp. (°K)
Wolf-Rayet starsWC, WN50,000 - 100,000
Very Blue starsO25,000
Blue-white starsB23,000
White starsA10,000
Yellow-white starsF7,000
Yellow starsG6,000
Orange starsK5,000
Reddish starsM3,200
Yellow-red starsR< 3,200
Very Red starsN< 3,200
Red starsS< 3,200

Data from (Datos de) TheSky, Software Bisque, version 5. And the (Y el) "Burnham's Celestial Handbook".

Common Name, SAO Num. is the common name (es el nombre común) (Flamsteed-Bayer), and the (y el número en el) Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Star Catalog number.

Mag. is the Visual Magnitude of the star (es la Magnitud Visual de la estrella).
d denotes a visual double star (denota una estrella doble visual) (combined magnitude) (magnitud combinada).
v denotes a variable star (denota una estrella variable) (average magnitude) (magnitud promedio).

Class is the Spectral Class of the star (es la Clase Espectral de la estrella), denoting its color and surface temperature (denota su color y temperatura de superficie).
The numbers (Los números) (0-9) denote subdivitions of the Spectral Class (denotan subdiviciones de la Clase Espectral). [A9 is next to B0] ([A9 está junto a B0])

Const. is the abbreviated name of the constellation (es el nombre abreviado de la constelación).

Dist. (ly) is the distance in light-years to the star (es la distancia en años-luz a la estrella).
[Distances > 200 ly are still uncertain] ([Distancias > 200 ly son aún inciertas])

R.A. and Dec. (R.A. y Dec.) for the brightest in a visual double star (para la más brillante en una estrella double visual).

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Actualizada (Updated): Febrero (February) 8 '11   (60 Very Bright Guide Stars (Estrellas Guía Muy Brillantes), 42 Dec. N)

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