ARVAL Catalog of Very Bright Galaxies (Galaxias Muy Brillantes)

Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 55 in Sculptor8.032.3 x 5.61420055Very elongated, dust & bright knotsSclb00h 14m 54s39° 11' S
M110 in Andromeda *8.015.0 x 8.0940205Elongated galaxyAndC00h 40m 24s41° 41' N
M31, Andromeda Galaxy *3.5175 x 628,5220224Very elongated galaxy, dusty with bright coreAndB00h 42m 42s41° 16' N
NGC 253, Sculptor Galaxy7.125.0 x 5.0980253Very elongated galaxy, dust & bright knotsSclC00h 47m 36s25° 17' S
Small Magellanic Cloud in Tucana *3.5319 x 18646,6010292Elongated galaxyTuc00h 52m 38s72° 48' S
M33, Triangulum Galaxy *5.764.0 x 35.01,7590598Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsTriC01h 33m 54s30° 39' N
Large Magellanic Cloud in Doradus *1.9650 x 550280,780Spiral GalaxyDor05h 18m68° 36' S
PGC 19441 in Carina *7.823.3 x 15.4282Elongated galaxyCar06h 41m 37s50° 58' S
NGC 2403 in Camelopardus8.418.0 x 10.11412403Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsCamb07h 36m 54s65° 36' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
M81, Bode's Nebula in Ursa Major6.920.0 x 9.01413031Spiral galaxy structureUMaC09h 55m 36s69° 04' N
M82 in Ursa Major8.48.4 x 3.4223034Very elongated galaxy, dust & bright knotsUMaC09h 55m 48s69° 41' N
NGC 3184 in Ursa Major7.09.8383184Round galaxyUMa10h 18m 18s41° 25' N
M106 in Canis Venatici8.312.0 x 4.0384258Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsCVnC12h 19m 00s47° 18' N
M49 in Virgo8.42.2 x 1.834472Round galaxy with bright coreVirC12h 29m 48s08° 00' N
M104, Sombrero Galaxy in Virgo8.38.0 x 5.0314594Edge-on galaxy dustyVirC12h 40m 00s11° 37' S
M94 in Canis Venatici8.214.0 x 13.01434736Elongated galaxy with bright coreCVnC12h 50m 54s41° 07' N
NGC 5128 in Centaurus7.018.2 x 14.52075128Round galaxy, dustyCenB13h 25m 30s43° 01' S
M51, Whirlpool Galaxy in C. Venatici8.49.0 x 8.0575194Spiral galaxy structure attached companionCVnB13h 29m 54s47° 12' N
M101 in Ursa Major7.740.01,2575457Spiral galaxy structure with bright knotsUMaC14h 03m 12s54° 21' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
* = Local Group of Galaxies

Data from (Datos de) TheSky, Software Bisque, version 5.

Mag. is the Integrated Visual Magnitude (Magnitud Visual Integrada del objeto).
Size is visual diameter, in arc minutes (diámetro visual del objeto, en minutos de arco).
Area is in square arc minutes (área visual del objeto, en minutos cuadrados de arco).
Const. is the abbreviated name of the constellation where the object is located (nombre abreviado de la constelación en la que está situado el objeto).

Visual Quality (VQ) from Meade Instruments (VQ es la Calidad Visual, de Meade Instruments):
A - Superb (Superior)
B - Excellent (Excelente)
C - Very Good (Muy Buena)
D - Good (Buena)
E - Fair (Pasable)
F - Poor (Pobre)
G - Very Poor (Muy Pobre)
None (Ninguna) - Not yet rated and missing information for computer estimate (Aún no clasificados y falta información para un estimado de computadora).
Note (Nota): Lowercase letters indicate objects rated only by a computer estimate (las letras minúsculas indican objetos clasificados sólo por un estimado de computadora).

Actualizada (Updated): Septiembre (September) 14 '00
Nuevo Formato (New format): Diciembre (December) 6 '05
Actualizada (Updated): Diciembre (December) 30 '09 (104 Galaxies, 65% Dec. N)
Actualizada (Updated): Febrero (February) 8 '11   (19 Very Bright Galaxies, 7 Dec. S)

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