ARVAL Catalog of Very Bright Open Clusters (Cúmulos Abiertos Muy Brillantes)

Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 869 W. in "Dbl. Clust."4.0307070869Open cluster densePerA02h 19m 00s57° 09' N
NGC 884 E. in "Dbl. Clust."4.0307070884Open cluster densePerA02h 22m 24s57° 07' N
M34 in Andromeda5.2359621039Open cluster richPerC02h 42m 00s42° 47' N
M45, Pleiades in Taurus3.41109,5031432Open ClusterTauC03h 47m 24s24° 07' N
NGC 1981 in Orion4.6254911981Open cluster bright scatteredOri05h 35m 12s04° 26' S
Trapezium in Orion141541980Open cluster with neb.Oric05h 35m 24s05° 54' S
M35 in Gemini5.1286162168Open cluster richGemC06h 08m 35s24° 20' N
NGC 2232 in Monoceros3.9307072232Open cluster bright scatteredMon06h 26m 36s04° 45' S
NGC 2244 in Monoceros4.8244522244Open cluster with neb.MonB06h 32m 24s04° 52' N
Christmas Tree in Monoceros3.9602,8272264Open cluster with neb.MonB06h 41m 06s09° 53' N
M41 in Canis Major4.5381,1342287Open cluster denseCMaC06h 46m 00s20° 44' S
NGC 2281 in Auriga5.4151772281OC bright scatteredAurC06h 49m 18s41° 04' N
NGC 2362 in Canis Major4.18502362Open cluster denseCMaA07h 18m 48s24° 57' S
M47 in Puppis4.4307072422Open cluster densePupA07h 36m 36s14° 30' S
NGC 2451 in Puppis2.8451,5902451Open cluster bright scatteredPup07h 45m 24s37° 58' S
NGC 2516 in Carina3.8307072516Open cluster bright scatteredCar07h 58m 18s60° 52' S
NGC 2547 in Vela4.7203142547Open cluster richVel08h 10m 42s49° 16' S
M44 in Cancer "Praesepe"3.1957,0882632Open cluster bright scatteredCncA08h 40m 06s19° 59' N
IC 2391 in Vela2.0501,963Open ClusterVelC08h 40m 12s53° 04' S
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 3114 in Carina4.2359623114Open cluster bright scatteredCar10h 02m 42s60° 07' S
NGC 3293 in Carina4.7401,2573293Open cluster rich + Neb.CarA10h 35m 48s58° 14' S
IC 2602 in Carina1.0501,963Open cluster + Neb.CarA10h 43m 12s64° 24' S
NGC 3532 in Carina3.0552,3763532Open cluster denseCarA11h 06m 24s58° 40' S
NGC 3766 in Centaurus5.3121133766Open cluster richCen11h 36m 06s61° 37' S
IC 2944 in Centaurus4.0754,418Open ClusterCen11h 36m 36s63° 02' S
Jewel Box in Crux4.210794755Open cluster denseCruA12h 53m 36s60° 20' S
NGC 6025 in Triangulum Aus.5.1121136025Open cluster richTrA16h 03m 42s60° 30' S
NGC 6087 in Norma5.4121136087Open cluster bright scatteredNor16h 18m 54s57° 54' S
NGC 6193 in Ara5.2151776193Open cluster + nebulaAraB16h 41m 18s48° 46' S
NGC 6231 in Scorpius2.6151776231OC bright scattered + nebulaScoA16h 54m 00s41° 48' S
NGC 6281 in Scorpius5.4602,8276281Open cluster denseScoB17h 04m 48s37° 54' S
M6, Butterfly in Scorpius4.2151776405Open cluster richScoA17h 40m 06s32° 13' S
M7 in Scorpius3.3805,0276475Open cluster bright scatteredScoA17h 53m 54s34° 49' S
NGC 6530 in Sagittarius4.6151776530Open cluster rich + nebulaSgrA18h 04m 48s24° 20' S
NGC 6633 in Ophiuchus4.6275736633OC bright scatteredOphA18h 27m 42s06° 34' N
M25 in Sagittarius, IC47254.032804Open clusterSgrc18h 31m 36s19° 15' S
NGC 6871 in Cygnus5.2203146871Open cluster richCyg20h 05m 54s35° 47' N
M39 in Cygnus4.6328047092Open cluster bright scatteredCygA21h 32m 12s48° 26' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)

Data from (Datos de) TheSky, Software Bisque, version 5.

Mag. is the Integrated Visual Magnitude (Magnitud Visual Integrada del objeto).
Size is visual diameter, in arc minutes (diámetro visual del objeto, en minutos de arco).
Area is in square arc minutes (área visual del objeto, en minutos cuadrados de arco).
Const. is the abbreviated name of the constellation where the object is located (nombre abreviado de la constelación en la que está situado el objeto).

Visual Quality (VQ) from Meade Instruments (VQ es la Calidad Visual, de Meade Instruments):
A - Superb (Superior)
B - Excellent (Excelente)
C - Very Good (Muy Buena)
D - Good (Buena)
E - Fair (Pasable)
F - Poor (Pobre)
G - Very Poor (Muy Pobre)
None (Ninguna) - Not yet rated and missing information for computer estimate (Aún no clasificados y falta información para un estimado de computadora).
Note (Nota): Lowercase letters indicate objects rated only by a computer estimate (las letras minúsculas indican objetos clasificados sólo por un estimado de computadora).

Actualizada (Updated): Septiembre (September) 30 '00   (105 Open Clusters, 39% Dec. N)
Nuevo formato (New format): Diciembre (December) 6 '05
Actualizada (Updated): Febrero (February) 8 '11   (38 Very Bright Open Clusters (Cúmulos Abiertos Muy Brillantes), 12 Dec. N)

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