ARVAL Catalog of Very Bright Planetary Nebulas (Nebulosas Planetarias Muy Brillantes)

Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 246 in Pisces8.03.811.30246Planetary nebula ringPscC00h 47m 00s11° 53' S
NGC 1360 in Formax9.46.533.21360Planetary nebula irregularForc03h 33m 18s25° 51' S
Eight-burst planetary in Vela8.00.80.53132Planetary nebula ring with central starVelC10h 07m 00s40° 26' S
PLN 272+12.1 in Vela8.2471,735Planetary nebulaVel10h 07m 00s41° 27' S
Ghost of Jupiter in Hydra9.020.83403242Planetary nebula ring with central starHyaC10h 24m 48s18° 38' S
Blue planetary in Centaurus8.00.20.033918Planetary nebula discCenC11h 50m 18s57° 11' S
NGC 6210 in Hercules9.00.20.036210Planetary nebula discHerC16h 44m 30s23° 49' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)
NGC 6543 in Draco9.05.826.46543Planetary nebula disc with central starDrac17h 58m 36s66° 38' N
NGC 6572 in Ophiuchus9.00.10.016572Planetary nebula irregularOphC18h 12m 06s06° 51' N
M57, Ring Nebula in Lyra9.02.54.96720Planetary nebula ring with central starLyrB18h 53m 36s33° 02' N
PLN 64+5.1 in Cygnus9.68.050.3Planetary nebula ringCyg19h 34m 46s30° 31' N
M27, Dumbbell Nebula in Vulpecula8.115.21816853Planetary nebula irregularVulB19h 59m 36s22° 43' N
Saturn Nebula in Aquarius8.01.72.37009Planetary nebula irregularAqrC21h 04m 12s11° 22' S
Blue Snowball in Andromeda9.02.23.87662Planetary nebula ringAndC23h 25m 54s42° 33' N
Common NameMag.SizeAreaNGCTypeConst.VQR.A. (E2000)Dec. (E2000)

Data from (Datos de) TheSky, Software Bisque, version 5.

Mag. is the Integrated Visual Magnitude (Magnitud Visual Integrada del objeto).
Size is visual diameter, in arc minutes (diámetro visual del objeto, en minutos de arco).
Area is in square arc minutes (área visual del objeto, en minutos cuadrados de arco).
Const. is the abbreviated name of the constellation where the object is located (nombre abreviado de la constelación en la que está situado el objeto).

Visual Quality (VQ) from Meade Instruments (VQ es la Calidad Visual, de Meade Instruments):
A - Superb (Superior)
B - Excellent (Excelente)
C - Very Good (Muy Buena)
D - Good (Buena)
E - Fair (Pasable)
F - Poor (Pobre)
G - Very Poor (Muy Pobre)
None (Ninguna) - Not yet rated and missing information for computer estimate (Aún no clasificados y falta información para un estimado de computadora).
Note (Nota): Lowercase letters indicate objects rated only by a computer estimate (las letras minúsculas indican objetos clasificados sólo por un estimado de computadora).

Actualizada (Updated): Julio (July) 29 '96   (55 Planetary Nebulas, 58% Dec. N)
Nuevo Formato (New format): Diciembre (December) 6 '05
Actualizada (Updated): Febrero (February) 8 '11   (14 Very Bright Planetary Nebulas, 7 Dec. S)

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