Mars Pathfinder Mission

The Mars entry sequence begins at an Earth receive time of 17:02 UTC, July 4th.
The Earth receive time is the time we receive transmissions from Pathfinder. The time at Mars is approximately ten minutes earlier, since it takes light and radio waves approximately ten minutes to reach us from Mars.
On July 4th the time in Greenwich England will be 17:02 or 5:02 P.M., and at JPL in Pasadena California the time will be 10:02 A.M. Pacific Daylight Savings Time.
This is 13:02 or 1:02 P.M. in Venezuela (UTC-4hrs).

Landing occurs at about 02:57 AM local time on Mars, which will be about 17:07 UTC on Friday, July 4, 1997. From an hour and a half before landing until about three and a half hours later, the spacecraft is under control of autonomous on-board software that precisely controls the many events that must occur.

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Landing Site.

Entry, Descent, and Landing Schematic.

Entry, Descent, and Landing Sequence.

The Mission.

The Mission's End
After operating on the surface of Mars three times longer than expected and returning a tremendous amount of new information about the red planet, NASA's Mars Pathfinder mission winds down.

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